Let's talk about story of big sky

2013, Mural

Material : acrylicpaint
Size : all walls of a classroom
(depth: 6m31cm Length: 5m38cm height: 5m10cm)
"Wall Art Festival 2013", Ganjad Village,Mandir, India


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  • Photo Toshinobu Takashima

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    After wall

    A classroom where the sun shines its small but beautiful light through a hole in the ceiling. A place with no electric lamps, of course.
    I painted this mural three years ago in an elementary school in the village of Ganjad, India.
    After three years, traces of what must have been a lot of rain during the rainy season through the holes in the ceiling, and many scratches that must have been caused by the children's spending time there, gave this mural another mysterious life.
    This video was taken this spring, just before the mural was erased.

    Before the disappearance of the mural, I felt a sense of loss about its disappearance, but after it was erased, I felt that the white wall and the people were mediated by the various memories of the past. The sense of life of the mural, including its presence and disappearance, is alive and well, and it has left the hands of those who painted it.

    Through the workshop that I conducted with the students when I was erasing the mural, a part of the mural has been transformed into the shape of a bird, which still remains today.

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