Kukunochi Tekuteku Manatsuno Bouken

2021-2022, Stage design


Choreography/ Director: Akiko Kitamura
Art: Maki Ohkojima
Music: Hiroaki Yokoyama
Cast: Ippei Shiba, Llon Kawai, Yuka Seike, Takumi Okamura, Ikumi Kurosu, Asami Ida, Naoya Nagai

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  • All Photo by Hiroyasu Daido

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    Photo by Hiroyasu Daido

    KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre


    Kukunochi Tekkunottekku, a midsummer adventure.

    The god of the tree, Kukunochi, invites us to go from the everyday to the other world.

    This is a story of a summer adventure, going to the world between here and there, and coming back again.

    A boy goes along a path in a deep forest with spirits, and meets dead people who are not supposed to be there.

    The people he wanted to meet, the people he can no longer meet. What he wanted to tell them, what he could not tell them.

    What will the boy say to the dead in the place where death and life mix?

    What we see is not everything in the world.

    It is not a metaphor, but we are really kept alive by things that we cannot see.

    There are many invisible germs in our bodies.

    The soil beneath our feet is teeming with countless invisible lives.

    When the boy returns from the other side of the world, the everyday world in which he lives may be a little different.

    The many invisible beings that surround us and keep us alive may feel a little closer to us than before.

    The truth is that this world and that world have always been connected.

    Spirits have always been singing and dancing right beside us.

    Under the midsummer sky, let's listen deep into the chirping of birds and insects.

    Kukunochi tekunochi tekunochi.

    Look, I can hear the footsteps of the spirits.

    The Objects Speak

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