Agorá of Multi species

2020, Series

clay, glazein and production by soil At Akita Ryokka Farm, Tokyo Japan

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    All photo by Kenji Chiga

    Akita Ryokka Farm, TANENIWA
    Japan Trafic Culture Association
    Creare Atami Yugawara


    Once, the earth was a rocky planet.
    Microorganisms gradually ate the rocks that covered the surface of the earth, decomposing them and turning them into feces.
    The feces was mixed with the countless corpses of living things.
    After an uncanny amount of time, alchemy was added to the mixture to produce what we call a "soil" today.
    A "soil" is the unfinished work of the life and death of all things.
    A "Soil" is a primordial agora, where multiple species wriggling and talking together beyond time.
    By the way, it is said that the word "human" comes from the Latin word "humus," meaning "humus earth".
    We, too, are born from the earth, are kept alive by the earth, and live on the earth.
    Together with them, we are stirring in the "Agorá of Multi species " today as always.

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