Exhibition | 9.12.2022

Tsukurikake Labo 09 "Correspondence"


The Tsukurikake Lab is a program in which the artists will create their works at the exhibition site during the exhibition period while creating them in public.

Exhibition Title:Tsukkakekake Labo 09 – Maki Ohkojima|Correspondances
Venue: Chiba City Museum of Art, 4th Floor Children’s Atelier
Dates: October 13 [Thursday] – December 25 [Sunday], 2022
Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (admission until 30 minutes before closing)
Closed: November 7 [Monday] and December 5 [Monday].
Admission: Free

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Saturday, December 10 Workshop “Dear Human” Letters from All Things
December 23 (Fri) “Body” Akiko Kitamura (choreographer/dancer)


When I feel a pleasant breeze on my skin, I sometimes think that this refreshing breeze may be a single sigh released by someone in the distant past. That sigh, which must have come out of the mouth of someone whose name I do not even know, may have been amplified as it passed through the trees and flowers, and then clothed itself with the fragrance of the earth and the sea, and eventually soared through the sky with migratory birds, and just happened to touch my skin at a distance in both time and physical space. When I think like this, I feel as if the tiny here and now in which I am living is connected to every era and scene in the world, transcending time and space. Of course, it is not all sighs. It may include the fart of an ancient trilobite, or natural gas leaking from a crack in a deep-sea plate. The world is always reverberating with countless colors, sounds, scents, tastes, and textures, without beginning or end. The endless reverberation of all things. It is like a correspondence that has neither sender nor receiver, and it relates us to ourselves. By the way, I wonder how the person who created that pleasant breeze was feeling when he or she sighed. In this Tsukurikake Lab, I would like to imagine such things with you.

Maki Ohkojima



As part of this project, we will invite guests to the laboratory of Chiba City Museum of Art on several dates during the exhibition period to give talks (performances) based on the concept of “All Things Speak.
Guests will take on the roles of non-human beings, such as animals, insects, fungi, plants, dung, stones, rivers, etc., and give a 20-minute talk about the world, humans, and themselves from their point of view.
After the lecture, there will be a dialogue between the guests and Ohkojima, followed by a question-and-answer period from the audience. In total, the performance is expected to last about one hour.

For details on the artist’s residency schedule, including the related events below, as well as events and workshops, please visit the official website above.

Numbered tickets will be distributed in advance for “All Things Speak,” and the doors open at 1:45 p.m.
The actual talk will take place from 2:00 p.m. until approximately 3:30 p.m. The first half of the talk will be given by the guest.
The first half of the talk will be given by the guest as the subject, and the second half will be a talk between Oshima and the guest. The moderator will be editor Yosuke Tsuji.

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October 23 (Sun) “Monkey” Kaoru Adachi (primate sociologist)
Saturday, October 29 “Mucorrhiza” Taisuke Karasawa (Minakata Kumagusu researcher)
Saturday, November 5 “Corals” Agostini Silvan (marine biologist)
Sunday, November 13 “Dung” by Masana Izawa (Dung Master)
Friday, December 23 “Body” Akiko Kitamura (Choreographer, Dancer)


Photo by S.Ishida


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