Exhibition | 8.18.2022

Storymakers in Contempray Japanese Art

Exhibition “Storymakers in Contempray Japanese Art”
at the Japan Cultural Centre Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

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Group exhibition
July 29, 2022 – January 28, 2023***

The Japan Foundation, SydneyI have shown  a series of 15 drawings made in 2015.
《 Forest eats me.》
《  Forest makes me seedbed.》
Generation and decomposition remains one of the most important my themes.

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Storymakers in Contemporary Japanese Art dives into a world of fantasy and wonder through a selection of works by five contemporary artists from Japan. Storytelling has a strong presence in contemporary Japanese art, with the significance of sharing and reimagining both personal and communal stories becoming increasingly evident in the wake of major natural and human-caused events. The fairy tale, a genre of narrative that has long told stories about nonhuman beings and non-living things, can give us clues to imagining a more-than-human world that transforms the way people perceive and experience life.

Storymakers evokes imagery from traditional fairy tales across cultures including The Little Match Girl and stories of interspecies relationships and transformations. This exhibition features a newly created work by interdisciplinary artist Tomoko Kōnoike, videos by Yūichi Higashionna and Fuyuhiko Takata, paintings by Maki Ohkojima and a flip book animation by Masahiro Hasunuma.

Curated by Emily Wakeling and Mayako Murai, the artworks in this exhibition, with their re-workings of materials, formats and corporeal experiences, revisit old familiar stories in new forms to transcend the anthropocentric worldview. It is this view that has made the modern world blind to vital connections humans hold with the earth and all its inhabitants


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