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Philosophy of Metamorphosis

Published: November 1,2022

Book Information

Title of book: Philosophy of Metamorphosis
Author: Emanuele Coccia / Translated by Rui Matsuba / Translated by Tatsuro Usami
Bookbinding by Makiko Omura
Book design by Makiko Omura
isbn 978-4-326-15484-5
Size 4-6
224 pages
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

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Book Summary

A caterpillar crawling on the ground and a butterfly flying in the air are the same creature, no matter how different their forms. Like the metamorphosis of insects, the bodies of all living things are temporary and transient forms into which “only one and the same life” enters. This is the thought of metamorphosis that transcends species, lands, and generations by the philosopher Kocha, who is now attracting attention around the world.
[Original Article].Emanuele Coccia, Métamorphoses(Rivages, 2020)

I was honored to have 《 afterbirth | Ena 》 used for the binding of this book, and I also made several drawings for the book!

Table of contents


The Continuity of Life
Various Forms in Us

I. Birth = Birth
Every self is oblivion
Only one and the same life
Birth and Nature
Twin births on a cosmic scale
Birth or Migration of Life
Carnival of the Gods
The Language of the Earth (Parole)
Metamorphosis as Destiny
Mirror of the World

II Cocoon
Every living thing is a chimera
Eggs after birth
New Thoughts on Technology
Metamorphosis of plants
Cocoon of the world

III Re-incarnation
Eating and Metamorphosis
Being eaten
Reincarnation of the Self and Reincarnation
Genetics and Reincarnation
The Shadow of the Species

IV Migration
Planetary-scale migration
Theory of Vehicles
The Great Ark
Everyone at Home
Non-human life in the home

V Associations (Associations)
Multispecies (multispecies) cities
Interspecific Architecture
Our spirit is always in the body of another species
Contemporary Nature

Knowledge on a Planetary Scale
The Future

Translator’s Afterword
Biographical Index


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