Banquet of hole creature


pencil and acrylic on cotton mounted on panel, 20 units, size 316×490cm
Ceiling mural In Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine, Tokyo.
Projected by Higashikurume Art Project

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    Text: Ceiling mural In Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine.

    People have lived in the Musashino Plain since the Jomon period, long ago. Higashikurume, a part of the Musashino Plain, has natural spring water, which is rare for Tokyo.

    In 2015, I created a ceiling painting on the theme of "the root of life" in the worship hall of the Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine.

    After being exhibited as part of the Higashikurume Art Project, the ceiling painting was officially dedicated to the Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine in 2017. It is currently on permanent display in the worship hall, but is open only to those who receive prayers.

    I was born in Higashikurume City, where Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine is located, and grew up drawing and drinking the water that springs from this land.

    Therefore, at least part of my body is made from the water here.

    Of course, it is not only water. The blood and cells that circulate in my body, in other words, my flesh and blood, are embraced by the water, soil, wind, and sun that fill this land, as well as by the many living creatures. I was born on this land, and I am kept alive by this land, as a part of this land.

    Standing at the headwaters of the spring and thinking about all the things that have shaped me, I felt an irresistible urge to sing a song.

    A song to feast with all the animals, trees, plants, and flowers that share our place on this planet.

    I wanted to paint the song. I wanted to sing it through painting.

    With all the living things that have existed and will exist.

    The golden forest, the primeval forest
    Water trees, the mother sea, the waxing and waning of the moon

    In the water we assimilate with the forest

    Hello, Earth
    Hello, spring water
    Hello, sun

    My body is made of you

    Together, we sing the song of the earth

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