Publishing | 4.15.2022

Predawn New Album "The Gaze"


Predawn, a solo project of singer-songwriter Miwako Shimizu, will release its third album “The Gaze” on April 13, 2022.
I was in charge of the cover artwork (CD-jacket) for the album. The title of the artwork is “the Gaze”, the same name as the album.

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ALBAM Title:”The Gaze
Release Date:2022.04.13 (Wed.)
Label:Pokhara Records

Tracklist: 01.
01. new life
02. Paper Bird
03. Something Here Isn’t Right
04. Ocean Is Another Name for Grief
05. Floating Sun
06. Canopus
07. Willow Tree
08. Here We Go Again
09. Monument
10. Fictions
11. Star Child
12. the Bell

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