Stage design | 9.22.2022

Arche|Species Chapter 2
『Panta rhei』

How long will I remain "me"
How long have I been "me"

Nagano Performance
Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 18:00
Nagano City Art Center Act Space (3F)

Tokyo Performance
November 26 (Sat), 2022 from 15:00/19:30
November 27 (Sun), 2022 from 15:00
Kitasenju BUoY

Choreography/Composition/Direction: Ayami Ida
Art Director: Maki Ohkojima

Cast: Natsumi Aramata, Honoka Minami, Ayami Ida (Arche), Ikumi Kurosu (Bushman), Ryosuke Suzuki (G-ray), Kotaro Mizushima

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Visual photography by Hitoha Haru Nasu
Leaflet design by Teijiro Yagi

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus believed that the reality of the world lies in “wandering”.
Fire, water, earth, wind, life–everything that makes up the world is constantly changing and being born anew.
For example, the flow of a river is never ceasing. Heraclitus therefore says, “You can never enter the same river twice. I am like a river. The blood that flows through “I” knows no end, and the cells that make up “I” are also in a constant state of flux.
The plan of this performance “Patna rhei (All Things Flow),” jointly directed by dancer/choreographer Ayami Ida and contemporary artist Maki Ohkojima, is also to invite our perception to the reality of a world in which all things, including “I,” are undergoing cyclic generation and change.
It is, in other words, a wild feast of “I” that continues to flow and transform. Of course, the visitors cannot stay within the contours of the illusion of “spectatorship.
The flow of all things involves everything and everyone. There is no “audience” in this “world-generating” movement that has neither beginning nor end.


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