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HITE 2023 Conference "HITE RE-UNION!"


Event Speaker Information

Maki Ohkojima will be speaking at the following session of the HITE2023 conference “HITE RE-UNION!” at Roppongi Hills. Please join us for the session, which can be viewed online.

Maki Ohkojima will be speaking in the following session

14:05 – 15:40 Crosstalk (2)
Ecosystem of human and AI from the viewpoint of multi-species

What is a better state for the relationship between humans and AI? In response to this question, there have been many discussions on “what is a human being” and “what is wellbeing (the state in which an individual is physically, mentally and socially fulfilled) for humans”. On the other hand, if the viewpoint of “human” itself, as discussed in these discussions, was established by modern society and Western philosophy, we in Japan may be able to pursue a new “ethics” from an Asia-based or a de-anthropocentric perspective. This session will bring together scholars from the fields of law, anthropology, informatics, and art to question the nature of knowledge in an age when we are living with a different species, AI.
Speakers: Tatsuhiko Inatani (Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University)
Toshiaki Ishikura (Associate Professor, Akita Public University of Art and Design)
Dominic Chen (Professor, School of Cultural Planning, Waseda University)
Maki Ohkojima (Artist)
Moderator: Yuna Tsukada (President, Whole Universe Incorporated Association)

What is the HITE 2023 Conference "HITE RE-UNION!

The HITE2023 conference “HITE RE-UNION!” is an open research area “HITE (Human Information Technology Ecosystem = Human and Information Ecosystem)” that the Research and Development Center for Social Technology (RISTEX) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has been disseminating since 2016. and Information Ecosystem (HITE)”.

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Outline of the event

Date: Sunday, December 3, 2023, 10:00 – 18:00 *Online until 15:40
Venue: Mori Building Academy Hills 49F or online (*Hybrid real/online event)
Admission: Free
Registration: Advance registration is required.

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Organized by: Center for Research and Development of Social Technology, Japan Science and Technology Agency
■Planning: HITE-Media / Whole Universe Incorporated Association
Inquiries: Secretariat of “Ecosystem of Human and Information” Research and Development Area


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