Interview | 7.15.2022

Maki Ohkojima, Online Talk Event

AGU Environmental Humanities Forum Online Talk#13 "Devouring Fudo"

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Jul 16, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT+9

About the Event

Speaker: OHKOJIMA Maki (Artist)

As an artist, I have traveled to many different places, staying and working in each place. There is one image that I hold dear to my heart. It is to “feed on the climate”.

The “feed on the climate” is not limited to eating local vegetables or meat. Eating food grown in the land means eating the soil of the land, the forest in which the meat is grown, and by extension, the air and sky that surround the forest. Eating of the climate does not only mean physical “eating. I believe that “eating” also includes communicating with the people who live in the land, and experiencing the culture and customs nurtured by the land. I feel that having a perspective of “eating the climate” that goes beyond culture and nature is very meaningful when we relate to a certain place, learn about it, and become a part of it.

Of course, I do not just eat one-sidedly. I am also eaten there, and I chew, digest, decompose, and excrete the climate that I ate there, and express it in a different form. To eat the climate and be eaten by the climate. The climate may have some effect on itself by eating me. The climate is not fixed in a certain way, but is constantly shifting and changing. We all live in a cyclical structure of climate, and for me, “production” means throwing myself into this process, and as a part of that process, generating myself as a climate.

In this talk, I would like to introduce some of my past residencies and my practice of “eating the climate” and “becoming the climate.


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