Exhibition, Permanent | 12.12.2022

"Yule" on the glass surface of Narita Airport Terminal 2

Exhibition : Nov 25,2022 to end of March,2023


The winter solstice is the longest night of the year.

It is a special day when people make offerings to the earth, fire, and spirit, and pray for the sun to return to its full strength.

When this freezing cold weather passes, the world will surely be flooded with warm light and spring will come again, full of life.

With such wishes, we sing and dance on this feast day.

This year is almost over.

Everyone, please take care of yourselves.

See you again in the spring.

108 ART PROJECT Vol. 9

“Yule” is an artwork on the glass surface of Narita Airport Terminal 2.

Please take a look when you stop by Narita Airport.


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